Cry Cry Cry - T-Ara

Saebbalgan jangmicheoroem gashigateun mallo nal jjireun neo uh uh uh
Neon machi munshincheoreom ji-uryeo halsurok gipke paeyeo uh uh
Cry Cry Can't you see the music
Bulkkotcheoreom ddeugeobke You're ma boy
Baby can't you see that look at my eyes
Seulpeume bbajin nae dununeul bwa uh uh
Bulkeun taeyangboda deo ddeugeobke
Saranghaetdeon nareul ullijima ah ah Let's go

__// ada org introduce lagu ni . lagu nie lagu lama tapi memang layan . :)

Looking For New Adventure

Good Morning

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Thank You.